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SB Nation's Pick 6 Is Back For Week 2

I probably should have gotten to this a little bit earlier in the week than now, but I suppose that it's better late than never.

Yes, after 81 Daily Norseman members participated in SB Nation's Pick 6 fantasy football in Week One of the season, we're just about 30 hours away from the start of Week 2 NFL action, which means that your Pick 6 selections are due by that time.

Last week, our winner was Nefarien, who led the way with 94.2 points. The top ten looked like this.

DN Member Points
Nefarien 94.2
neojustneo 89.2
JeremyAnderberg 87.7
argetlam87 87.0
manuel.niederl 86.3
Wasnt69WashedUplol 85.9
Vikng20leo 85.2
bjerabek 83.2
Christopher Gates 82.1
Figgs 81.7

Man, just imagine if my starting running back hadn't given me negative points. I coulda been a contendah!

The overall leader across all of SB Nation is someone from our Buffalo Bills blog, Buffalo Rumblings, named BillsThickNThin. He racked up 108.6 points in the first week of action. That lead isn't insurmountable or anything like that, so hopefully some of us here can make up some ground. Nefarien's total puts him at #43 on the overall leaderboard.

So, head on over and get your picks in for this week, folks. Remember, they have to be in before the kickoff of Thursday Night Football!