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Help Hockey Wilderness To Defend The Blue Line

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Okay, folks. . .our friends over at Hockey Wilderness need a bit of help.

Hockey Wilderness is heavily involved with a non-profit group called Defending The Blue Line. I'm pretty sure that we've mentioned DtBL on this site before, but their mission is

Our mission at Defending The Blue Line (DTBL) is ensuring that children of military members are afforded every opportunity to participate in the game of hockey. We accomplish this by providing free equipment for military kids, hockey camps, special events, and financial assistance for registration fees and other costs associated with hockey.

DtBL is currently part of a contest that could net them a grant of as much as $250,000 from Chase Bank. However, they need to get themselves some votes in order to get bumped up high enough to stay in the running for that grant. That's where we come in.

The link to DtBL's page for the contest is located right here. If you have a spare ten seconds or so, please hit the link (which will take you to a FaceBook page), vote for DtBL, and you don't have to do anything further.

I know that during the stadium debate, we often said that people were doing things "for the children." Well, this is something that actually IS for the children. We can help get DtBL over the top and help them fulfill their mission. The contest ends on September 19 (one week from today).

Thanks in advance to everyone that hits the link and lends a hand!