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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: NFC North Rivals Beat Each Other Up

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Okay, apparently enough folks are going to be watching the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers this evening where it looks like an Open Thread about it is in order.

Hopefully we can get a bit of a feel for our division rivals, but I'm not sure how valid it's going to be. While we play both of these teams twice this year, but we don't see either of them until November 25 when the Minnesota Vikings make their yearly trip to Soldier Field. There's a pretty good chance that these teams will be different in some way, shape, or form by the time they're on the same playing surface as the Minnesota Vikings.

The Packers are going to be without Greg Jennings in this one. . .apparently he was going to try to put the team on his back (language warning for the link), but the Packers have ruled him out. For the Bears, cornerback Charles Tillman is a game time decision, but indicators are that he'll give it a shot this evening.

Kickoff is a little less than an hour away from Lambeau, so if you're going to talk about this one, feel free to do so right here.