Why YAC Works For Some But Won't For Us This Season

See, I told you I'd promote the opposing viewpoint. -Chris

Our fellow DN brother RJ-B put up a well and thoroughly thought out article about the Myth of YAC. I however found flaws in the article that I would like to point out.

First off, this is the list he provided of the YAC leaders from 06-10

Player Yards, 2006-2010 YAC, 2006-2010
Drew Brees 22722 10636
Brett Favre 18223 9233
Philip Rivers 19200 8903
Peyton Manning 21375 8577
Donovan McNabb 16817 8094
Tom Brady 16434 7636
Tony Romo 16650 7306
Eli Manning 17598 7240
Ben Roethlisberger 17216 7143
Jason Campbell 13092 6677

So the question is, if It worked for them, why won't it work THIS season for the Vikings. First off, you have to consider the Receivers. Looking at this list, each of this QBs had a TRUE deep threat wideout or Wideouts.

Drew Brees - Marquis Colston

Brett Favre - The Younger Donald Driver, Sidney Rice

Phillip Rivers - Vincent Jackson

Petyon Manning- Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. Not to mention Dallas Clark.

Donovan McNabb and Tony Romo - Terelle Owens.

Tony Romo- Miles Austin

Eli Manning- Plaxico Burress, Now Hakeem Nicks

Ben Rothelisberger- Mike Wallace

Jason Cambell- The Younger Santana Moss

Christian Ponder- None- Percy isn't a vertical threat consistently.

Consider this. RG3 is a top 3 YAC QB so far. Who does he have that is a true threat to make their offense successful?

Pierre Garcon. BTW he's 6th in the league so far with YAC from Receivers. Percy's first.

Now do you have an idea of how impactful a true deep wideout can make the YAC work? or even How the lack of one can be unpactful. If that's a word.

That's right, the reason it Won't work over a span of 16 games this season is because the Vikings lack a consistent deep threat wideout. No one truly knows if Jerome will add that dimension to this offense. Without the threat of a vertical WR, there will be more press coverage on WRs and more people in the box to defend the dink and dunk offense. The main problem is people aren't recognizing what a dink and dunk offense is. I consider a dink and dunk play, any throw that is caught under ten yards from the line of scrimmage. RJ-Bs article left out whether or not the YACs was truly a Dink And Dunk approach or more of a 20 yard pass that was caught 20 yards pass the Line of scrimmage and turned into a much bigger gain.

Until we have the threat of the Vertical game, these 9 yard comeback routes and slants just won't keep defenses on there heels enough to pick our team up out the Basement of the NFC North.

You may say, well, we don't have the WRs to get open downfield. I'm not buying it. We're not taking shots downfield period. Until our WRs get enough balls thrown their way downfield enough, no one knows how they will do with a defender on them. It's hard getting in rhtym with a QB when the ball doesn't come your way 3/4s of the game.

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