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I won't lie to you. . .this one kind of caught me flat-footed. One of our traffic measurement mechanisms (the one you folks can't see) has been having some issues in recent weeks, and that's always been a little bit ahead of the one that you all can see, so it's entirely possible that we've already surpassed this mark.

However, according to our statistics, at some point after midnight Central time this morning we had our nine millionth visit to our humble little corner of the internet. As we stand on the precipice of a new era in the history of the site (with the launch of SB Nation United just around the corner), we managed to squeeze in one last traffic milestone before the big change takes place.

I realize that I say this every time we reach one of these traffic milestones, but I do enjoy sharing this sort of thing with this community, because this community is what makes this site what it is. In a little more than six years, we've made this the go-to site for Minnesota Vikings news, opinions, and information. I've been smart enough to surround myself with an incredibly brilliant staff, which obviously helps, but sites like this go nowhere without the support of folks like the ones that make up this community. It's truly our privilege to provide the things that we provide for you about our favorite football team.

This is an incredibly exciting time for this website, folks, and I think you're really going to like what SB Nation has in store for not only our community, but for every other community on the network as well. As far as this particular site, our relationship with the Minnesota Vikings is continuing to grow and evolve with each passing week, and that will really be reflected in the coverage that we provide for you. Whether it's covering the draft, having a presence at training camp, or finding ourselves in the media booth (which is something I hope we'll be able to do again soon), we will be constantly striving to provide you with the very best coverage of the Minnesota Vikings.

Why? Because that's what the fans of the Minnesota Vikings deserve.

Thanks again for making us what we are, ladies and gentlemen.

10 July 2006 - Daily Norseman goes live
1 July 2009 - Daily Norseman reaches 1 million hits
26 January 2010 - Daily Norseman reaches 2 million hits
26 September 2010 (approximately) - Daily Norseman reaches 3 million hits
24 January 2011 (approximately) - Daily Norseman reaches 4 million hits
1 August 2011 - Daily Norseman reaches 5 million hits
9 November 2011 - Daily Norseman reaches 6 million hits
27 February 2012 - Daily Norseman reaches 7 million hits
15 May 2012 - Daily Norseman reaches 8 million hits
18 September 2012 (approximately) - Daily Norseman reaches 9 million hits