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R.I.P., Steve Sabol

Truly sad news coming from the National Football League on this Tuesday, as one of the men that is likely responsible for the love of football that many of us foster. . .whether we realize it or not. . .has passed away after an 18-month battle with cancer.

Steve Sabol, the man who was behind NFL Films for many, many years, has passed away today at age 69. Steve's father, Ed, founded NFL Films back in 1962 (when it was known as Blair Motion Pictures), and Steve came on board as a cinematographer in 1964. NFL Films has won over 100 Emmy Awards over the years for their coverage of the National Football League, and Steve Sabol himself won 35 Emmys for writing, cinematography, editing, directing, and producing those films.

Steve and Ed Sabol, along with NFL Films as a whole, truly revolutionized the way that we view the sport of football. When you think of NFL Films, you probably think of the voices of Harry Kalas and John Facenda narrating the stories of players and games, but the Sabol family are the ones that made it all possible by showing us the game from a completely new perspective.

R.I.P., Steve Sabol, and thank you for your role in making the sport of professional football the part of our lives that it is today.