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Check Out Our Google+ Hangout Tonight At 7 PM Central

We're taking another step forward in attempting to become more interactive, and this evening we're trying something new.

At 7 PM Central time, David Fucillo from Niners Nation (who you may know from such FanPosts as "49ers vs. Vikings: Ask NN") and myself will be taking part in a Google+ Hangout to discuss this weekend's game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Minnesota Vikings. I've never actually done a "Hangout" before, save for the one that David and I did to make sure all of our equipment was working properly, but it basically amounts to a live discussion of Sunday's action. The discussion will be here on the page in the form of a FanShot, and you can watch it as it happens. (The video will also be YouTube, both live and after the fact, so if you miss it you can catch up.)

So, if you want to listen to a couple of fans talk about this weekend's game between the Vikings and the 49ers, this is the place to be at 7 PM Central time. The FanShot will probably go up a little bit before that in order to make sure it's ready to go at 7 PM.