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VIDEO: College Player Andre Parker Channels His Inner Jim Marshall

For many non-Viking football fans, one of the plays that is synonymous with the Minnesota Vikings is that of Jim Marshall recovering a fumble against the San Francisco 49ers on October 25, 1964, and running 66 yards in the wrong direction for what he thought was a touchdown, but turned out to be a safety. Of all the footage that the NFL Network has access to, I think the only Viking-related things they show are the Marshall clip and an increasingly worn-out copy of the 1998 NFC Championship Game.

(They haven't shown the 2009 NFC Championship Game for a while. Anybody know why?*)

But on Thursday night, in a game between the Kent State Golden Flashes and the Towson Tigers, Kent State linebacker Andre Parker found his inner Jim Marshall on the play you see below:

There are a couple of weird things on this play. . .you know, other than a guy running about 60 yards in the wrong direction. There's the fact that a) while he was running in the wrong direction, his teammates were blocking for him (which means everyone apparently forgot which way the play was going) and b) the players from Towson State were attempting to stop him as he was running for what some thought might have potentially been a safety.

Fortunately for Parker and Kent State, college football has a rule that says that a muffed punt can not be advanced. . .or regressed, apparently. . .so Kent State wound up getting the football at the spot where Parker recovered it.

Most of you have probably seen the video already, but I wanted to put it up there. . .heck, I wanted to give you folks something, since apparently the Vikings have no intention of announcing any moves today.