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A Change Is Gonna Come

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, there are big changes coming to The Daily Norseman, and the entire SB Nation family of websites. So, what does this mean for you, the reader? Well, after the jump, I will give you a sneak peak at what's coming in the very near future for this website and all the other SB Nation websites you enjoy reading, and how it will affect you folks out there.

Follow me, won't you?

SB Nation United is all about creating a significantly better experience for you, the reader. You're the ones that our success is built around, and you're the ones that make it possible for there to be an SB Nation United in the first place. And that's exactly what SB Nation United will do. . .it will enhance your experience and allow you faster access to news and analysis than you've had previously.

What you see above is an example of what the new design is going to look like. There will be many different designs similar to this, allowing us to group the biggest and most relevant stories together, enabling us to bring you the most important news right up front. There could be as many as five stories grouped together at the top of the page. . .there could be as few as three. But we will make sure that we get you the stories that are the most important at any given time. . .and, most importantly, the site will load faster and run more smoothly, allowing you to get your news with less waiting.


More importantly, the community elements that make SB Nation unique such as FanPosts and FanShots will not be going away, and will be as big a part of the site as they've always been. We know that our FanPosts and FanShots are great starters of discussion for everyone that comes to the site, and have helped to build this community into the group that it has become. Like everything else on the site, the FanPosts and FanShots will become better and more accessible to you.


The other big thing that SB Nation United is going to do is to give our users a consistent experience across platforms. Whether you're accessing The Daily Norseman or any other SB Nation site on your PC, your mobile phone, or your tablet, the experience is going to remain the same throughout.


I understand that change is a bit tough sometimes. Some people even react to change in a manner similar to that of noted American philosopher Garth Algar.

But I can assure you that the change you're going to see with our move to SB Nation United is going to be a real step forward in sports coverage. It will take some getting used to at first, as all change does, but it is something that's going to greatly enhance your experience not only here at The Daily Norseman, but on all of the 300+ sites that the SB Nation network spans.

The change is gonna come, folks. . .and it's gonna come soon. Now you're a little bit more ready for it when it happens.