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Fan-Connect Open-Thread: Vikings vs. 49ers

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Will Kyle Rudolph have a big day on Sunday against the 49ers? Not a clue. But we can give you the broadcast info so you can find out.
Will Kyle Rudolph have a big day on Sunday against the 49ers? Not a clue. But we can give you the broadcast info so you can find out.

On Sunday Randy Moss is coming back to Minnesota. Oh, and there's a football game too.

I don't know about you, but sometimes it feels like some of the hype surrounding Randy has become as big a deal or bigger than the Minnesota Vikings game against the San Francisco 49ers at the Metrodome. No matter how big of a game Moss has personally, it's a big game for the Vikings. Having lost a game last Sunday that many felt they should have been able to win, the Vikings now are facing a team that, not only had a good 2011 season, but is off to a solid start in 2012, playing balanced and disciplined football.

Because the Vikings' 2012 performance has been up and down so far, I have no idea what Sunday will hold for our team. In the past, the Vikings have had a habit of playing to the level of their opponents and, while that has sometimes meant a sub-par performance against sub-par teams, it has also been known to mean that they can turn out a strong performance against a strong opponent.

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It seems likely that Sunday's game will be an interesting test of character for the Vikings. Minnesota's team goals are to win the NFC North, score a first round bye for the playoffs, and win the Super Bowl. They're facing a 49ers team that made a turnaround of exactly that sort in 2011. After finishing the 2010 season third in their division with a 6-10 record, San Francisco took many by surprise last season and finished 2011 with a record of 13-3, scored a first-round bye in the playoffs, finally falling to the New York Giants in the NFC championship game. The 49ers were where the Vikings are, and now they are where the Vikings want to be. It should be interesting to see how the Vikings respond to this challenge.

And, however the Vikings respond to this challenge, here's how you can witness the latest chapter in the drama unfold. Tickets are still available for Sunday's game at Mall of America Field (aka the Metrodome) in Minneapolis. If you're driving to the game there are directions available at the Metrodome website, and if you are taking public transportation to the game the Metro Transit page has trip-planning information. On television the game will be broadcast locally on FOX 9. On the radio you can tune into KFAN-FM 100.3/KTCN-AM 1130 in the Twin Cities and check the Vikings Radio Network listings for stations carrying the game throughout the upper-midwest. And, if you want to watch the game online, the NFL has an option for online viewing too.

But enough about the logistics of seeing the game, let's talk food.

Fall is in the air. The temperatures dropped from the 80-degree-range down to the 60s, and the leaves are changing. Comfort food weather is fast approaching, so what are you going to eat during the game? Do you trade your grilled brats for chili? Serve a massive casserole of baked macaroni and cheese? Fry a turkey? Order a pizza? Yeah, I'm a little hungry right now.

Whatever your game-day cuisine, whether you're going out or dining in, tell us all about it. We sort of promise not to share any of your secret family recipes either. After all, if you can't trust random strangers on the internet, who can you trust? Also, feel free to make your predictions about the game and say whether or not you think Randy "Super Freak" Moss will have a career day on Sunday against the Vikings. Shoot, say whatever you want to, this thread is just for fans to connect and talk.