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Monday Morning Open Thread: Welcome Back, Simpson!

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EDIT - Judd Zulgad is reporting (via the Twitter) that the Vikings don't have to make a roster move for Simpson until 3 PM on Thursday. I thought they had 24 hours to do so. My apologies for the error. -Chris

With the first three games of the Minnesota Vikings 2012 season in the books, it's time for the team to welcome Jerome Simpson back into the fold. Simpson spent the first three games of the season under NFL suspension after having issues stemming from a drug arrest during the off-season.

The Vikings have had a roster exemption for Simpson to this point in the season. That means that in order to get Simpson onto the roster, the Vikings will have to make some sort of roster move, and at this point I'm not sure what that move is going to be. If the injury to safety Mistral Raymond is as bad as was being reported after yesterday's game, the move might be to put him on injured reserve. If it's not quite as serious as that, then it will probably have to come from somewhere else.

But, this post is for speculating about what you think will happen with the roster of our favorite football team in order to accommodate Simpson's presence on the team.