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HKS, Inc Selected As Architects For New Vikings Stadium

A cutting edge company for what will hopefully be a cutting edge NFL stadium was selected just a few moments ago

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

HKS, inc., headquartered in Dallas, TX, has been selected as the architect for the new Minnesota Vikings stadium, the team and the new Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority.

HKS has a history of producing world class buildings and venues. The two most notable facilities that people are probably the most familiar with are the new stadiums for the Colts and Cowboys, arguably the two best stadiums in the NFL.

According to the official release on the Vikings main page, HKS will work with local businesses in the design phase, and they have also pledged to hire 11% minority and 8% women owned firms.

Although Jerry World and Lucas Oil are the two best known, HKS has also built some other impressive facilities as well, to include (at least according to the Wikipedias):

The Ballpark at Arlington, home of the Texas Rangers. And where Albert Pujols hit three home runs in one world series game for the world champion St. Louis Cardinals. Just sayin'...

Atlantis Paradise Island Hotel in the Bahamas. Never been there, but I gotta say, I'd like to see the underwater water slide somehow incorporated in the new stadium. I'm just thinking about the childen, since according to the anti-stadium folks, no one else was. Oh, insert obligatory Suck It Marty here.

Miller Park in Milwaukee, home of the hated Milwaukee Brewers. Great stadium, awful awful team to cheer for. The Brewers do their off season training with Somali pirates. That might or might not be true. We'll just say it is.

The Palazzo luxury resort and casino in Vegas. VEGAS BABY!

US Cellular Field, Chicago. Okay, that one is a dud. Both the White Sox and their stadium is kinda meh. Maybe I view everything White Sox through the nails on a chalkboard voice that his Hawk Harrelson, though. Yeah, I do. You can PUT IT ON THE BOAARRRRRRDDDDDD.....YEEEESSS.

So congratulations to the Vikings, HKS, and most importantly, us. Yeah, us the fans. We did this folks. Don't let anybody else tell you different. Granted, the politicians actually passed the bill and all, but we lit the fire under their ass to get it done.