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Vikings, Lions Dodge Officiating Bullet

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

The regular officials are back to work in the National Football League, and it appears as though that could be an especially good thing for the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions.

According to Pro Football Talk, Wayne Elliot. . .he of the Green Bay Packers/Seattle Seahawks "simultaneous catch" call on Monday night in the Pacific Northwest. . .and his crew were scheduled to work the game between Minnesota and Detroit at Ford Field before the "real" officials signed their deal to come back.

As it was, Elliot was working a high school football game on Friday night. Clete Blakeman, one of the National Football League's newer officials, and his crew will be in Detroit this Sunday working the game instead.

So, if the Detroit Lions or the Minnesota Vikings are the victims of a bad call on Sunday, fans of both teams can rest easy knowing that the bad call was made by one of the "professionals" that has been trained to do that sort of thing for years.