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Ernest Owusu, Kevin Murphy Fill Out Vikings Practice Squad

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The Minnesota Vikings had two spots left on their practice squad going into Monday morning, but they have filled those spots with two players that spent at least a portion of the pre-season in camp with the team. Offensive lineman Kevin Murphy and defensive end Ernest Owusu.

Both of the players were undrafted free agents this season, Owusu out of Cal and Murphy out of Harvard. Murphy was originally signed by the San Francisco 49ers, but was released back in May, allowing the Vikings to pick him up. Murphy also had a bit of a heat-related scare during training camp, but I don't remember anything terribly notable from him outside of that.

Owusu was part of the Vikings' first round of cuts back on August 25. He wound up getting claimed by the Cleveland Browns, but they released him as well, and now he's back with the Vikings. So, Owusu gets a spot on the practice squad, but his Cal teammate Trevor Guyton, who the Vikings drafted in the seventh round, was not offered one. That makes Guyton the only one of the Vikings' ten picks from the 2012 NFL Draft to not make the team. (Well, and Greg Childs, but Childs almost certainly would have had he not been injured.)

So, the Minnesota Vikings' roster for the 2012 NFL season. . .or the first week of it, in any case. . .is finally full.