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Vikings At Lions: Third Quarter Open Thread

Yes, apparently that's a penalty. No, I'm not sure why, either. Good tackle, Josh Robinson.

The Minnesota Vikings have gone into halftime at Ford Field with a 13-6 lead over the Detroit Lions. The Vikings have once again been taking what the defense has been willing to give them, though Jerome Simpson has drawn about 60 yards of pass interference penalties in the first half of play when the Vikings have attempted to go deep. Not the result you'd want, ideally, but it's better than nothing. Simpson also had a nice catch on a tipped pass as we got closer to halftime.

Christian Ponder has, once again, been efficient, completing ten of fifteen passes for 59 yards. Adrian Peterson has gotten off to a nice start, carrying the ball seven times for 52 yards on the day. Percy Harvin, in addition to the only touchdown of the game at this point, has three carries for 12 yards, as well as three receptions for 22 yards.

The defense has stepped up big when they've had to, including Harrison Smith jarring a potential touchdown catch out of the hands of Calvin Johnson to preserve the lead for Minnesota. The Lions have just 15 yards on the ground, but Matthew Stafford has completed 12-of-17 for 116 yards in the first half.

We're getting ready to move on to the second half of play in Detroit, with the Vikings leading the Lions 13-6.