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Week Four Late Games Open Thread

While we celebrate the Minnesota Vikings sitting in sole possession of first place in the NFC North for the first time since January 3, 2010, we can watch the late slate of games in the National Football League.

Here is this afternoon's action.

Miami Dolphins at Arizona Cardinals
Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos
Cincinnati Bengals at Jacksonville Jaguars
New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers
Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Sunday night game will pit the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles in the City of Brotherly Love.

Looks like some pretty solid action thus far on the late NFL slate. Enjoy the action here with your fellow Minnesota Vikings fans. It's a good day to be a Minnesota Vikings fan. . .then again, isn't every day a good day to be a Minnesota Vikings fan?

So sit back, grab a drink, pull up your game of choice or the Red Zone Channel or whatever suits your fancy, and enjoy the rest of the afternoon of NFL action. And thanks for making The Daily Norseman your source of news and camaraderie on this Vikings game day!