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2012 Season Soundtrack: Redemption Songs--Multi-Track Contest

All set to start some regular-season Minnesota Vikings football. Crank the music and let's get started with a multi-track challenge.
All set to start some regular-season Minnesota Vikings football. Crank the music and let's get started with a multi-track challenge.

Here we are, counting down the hours until the Minnesota Vikings' first regular season game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. There were times during the off season when it felt like football would never return. But here it is, all fresh and with no mistakes in it yet, unless you're a member of the New York Giants. The preseason is dead, long live the season.

It's September, some of the overachiever tree leaves are already turning, kids are back in school, the disgusting summer humidity has abated, and, after months of anticipation, we're about to find out if the Vikings are going to give us reason to hope that the 2012 season will banish the memory of 2011. Seems like there should be a festive song that would encompass that feeling.

Yes, fall, and everything that goes with it, is in the air. And, with the Vikings' regular season about to start, I suddenly remembered that we haven't had a frivolous contest in way too long. Let's remedy that.

Join me after the jump to find out what the topics for the challenge tracks will be and for full contest rules.

When we left off with the 2012 Season Soundtrack: Redemption Songs we had just finished up Track 2, our salute to the Vikings' moves in the 2012 NFL Draft. A lot has happened since Track 2 so, despite my vows that I wouldn't do this again, we're having a multi-track contest. Here are the tracks you'll be submitting songs for:
  • Track 3. We need a song for the Percy Harvin "trade-me" drama. Way back during mini-camps Harvin had an episode where he was, reportedly, unhappy, demanded to be traded, said it wasn't about the money, sat out of practice, talked to Coach Frazier, came to his senses, went back to practice, and then seemed oblivious as to why reporters were asking him what the heck was going on. Seems like Harvin might have some diva tendencies after all, so we need a song for it.
  • Track 4. In other strange team news, Adrian Peterson got arrested for resisting arrest. Honestly, you can't even make up something that weird, no one would believe it. I have to wonder if that is just one of those things that happens in Texas. Things that strange need to be commemorated in song. It's a moral imperative.
  • Track 5. The Vikings finished the preseason 1-3. A stunning, all-around splendid preview? Not so much. That said, there was some encouraging play mixed into things. Whatever your feelings about preseason and what it might mean, it deserves a song.

Okay, those are the three track topics for this multi-track challenge. Now, let me bore you with the contest rules.

  1. You can submit songs for the contest via the comments sction at the end of this post. We're accepting two song submissions for each track.
  2. Make sure to let me know what track challenge your song or songs go with. There are three tracks in this competition, so it gets confusing if you don't tell me what song(s) go with what tracks.
  3. Tell me the full name of the artists and the title of the songs you are submitting. And, please include a link to a complete version of your song(s) on Youtube--this makes my life a lot easier.
  4. All songs for the contest need to be submitted by Sunday, September 9 at 6pm CDT.

There you have it, our latest multi-track challenge for 2012 Redemption Songs Soundtrack. Feel free to lobby for your songs and tell me why your playlist is best. As always, you play to win the adoration of your fellow DN readers and for the enjoyment of our famed Burger King crown. It's paper, it's beat up, it's imaginary, and it's all ours.

Enjoy the weekend and enjoy the Minnesota Vikings' first regular season game.