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Predict The First Vikings Play, Tackle, And Touchdown Of 2012

Some of the other NFL blogs have put this out there for their teams (I believe it was started by the folks from our Cleveland Browns blog, Dawgs By Nature), and I thought it would be something for folks to have some fun with, so I'll put it out there as well.

In this post, I would like for folks to guess three things.

1) The first offensive play that the Minnesota Vikings will run when they have the ball.
2) the player that will get the first tackle of the 2012 Minnesota Vikings season on defense (not special teams), and
3) the player that will score the first touchdown for the Minnesota Vikings.

No prizes for this one, outside of the proverbial bragging rights. But, as I said, it might be something fun for folks to debate and discuss.

For the offensive play, try to be fairly specific. Don't just say "run play" or "pass play" or what have you. Something like "Christian Ponder hits Kyle Rudolph for 12 yards" or "Toby Gerhart takes a handoff and runs to the right for a six-yard gain."

For the tackle category, don't consider who might get the tackle on a punt/kickoff or a potential fumble or interception return. We're talking about defense only here.

As far as the first touchdown is concerned, anything goes. Do you think the Vikings' first touchdown will come on a punt, kickoff, or interception return? Throw it out there! Put the yardage on it if you want as well.

Like I said, this is just something fun to talk about while we're preparing for tomorrow afternoon's game. The time is getting closer, folks.