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Jacksonville Jaguars At Minnesota Vikings - Third Quarter Open Thread

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Well, it only took about 27 minutes of game time, but the Minnesota Vikings' offense finally showed some life just before the half.

The Vikings finally remembered that Percy Harvin still plays for them after all, and found him three times for 32 yards on the Vikings' final drive of the half. The drive was capped by Adrian Peterson finding the end zone. . .a thing of beauty, if there ever was one. . .and the Vikings trimmed the Jacksonville Jaguars' lead to 9-7 as they went into the locker room in Minneapolis.

The Vikings' offense really struggled for the majority of the first half. They've still been outgained by the Jaguars 170-117 to this point, but 59 of the Vikings' yards came on that final drive. Christian Ponder is 7-for-11 thus far for 78 yards, and both Kyle Rudolph and Percy Harvin have three catches for 32 yards (Michael Jenkins has the other Minnesota reception).

Minnesota has to do a better job of getting off the field on third down. Thus far, the Jaguars have had it far too easy in those situations. They also need to do a better job of getting to Blaine Gabbert and see if they can't throw off his timing a little bit.

There are still two quarters of football left to go in this season opener, and though it took the Vikings a while to show some life, I suppose it's better late than never. Join us for the third quarter right here, folks!