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Jacksonville Jaguars At Minnesota Vikings - Fourth Quarter Open Thread

The Jacksonville Jaguars made the game's first big mistake, and the Minnesota Vikings took advantage. Blaine Gabbert fumbled a quarterback/center exchange, and Kevin Williams recovered it in Jacksonville territory. From there, the Vikings moved it 44 yards thanks to a big run by Adrian Peterson and a big catch by Percy Harvin, leading to Adrian Peterson's second touchdown of the afternoon, as you see above.

The Vikings then made the second big mistake, as Christian Ponder got stripped in the Jacksonville red zone after a punt. Fortunately, the Vikings made the Jaguars settle for a Josh Scobee field goal from 26 yards out to cut the Minnesota lead to 14-12.

Christian Ponder has responded nicely, leading the Vikings on a very nice drive, and the Vikings are looking at second-and-goal at the Jacksonville 3-yard line as we move on to the fourth quarter of play. The Vikings got into goal-to-go position thanks to a great throw by Ponder to Kyle Rudolph, who is currently the Vikings' leading receiver on the afternoon with four catches and 61 yards.

Incidentally, if Adrian Peterson gains 19 more yards today, he will pass Robert Smith to become the Minnesota Vikings' all-time leading rusher.

Join us for the fourth quarter of action from the Metrodome, ladies and gentlemen. Hopefully the team can add to their lead and hang on for a victory.