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So, Chris Kluwe Was On The Colbert Report


My apologies for being about a day behind the rest of the world on this, apparently.

Minnesota Vikings' punter Chris Kluwe was a guest on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report on Wednesday. Obviously, with The Colbert Report being a "news" program. . .and I'd put those quotation marks in bold if I could. . .a portion of the discussion is political in nature. However, there is some football discussion involved, including that of the role of the punter. . .or, as Kluwe refers to it, a "professional surrenderer."

Love him or hate him. . .agree or disagree with him. . .I think Kluwe came off pretty well in this interview.

So, enjoy the interview from The Colbert Report. . .and, please, no political pissing matches in the comments, please. There are plenty of other places to engage in that sort of thing. This is not one of them.

(Oh, and thanks to Purpledork for putting this in the FanShots. . .see, someone does read them after all.)