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Vikings Finalize 2013 NFL Draft Selections

Joe Robbins

Something else I managed to miss in the midst of all the activity over the past couple of days.

The Minnesota Vikings have announced their selections in the 2013 NFL Draft, and as a result it appears we can discern the compensation for the A.J. Jefferson trade the Vikings pulled off just before the regular season started.

Here's the list, courtesy of Dan Wiederer of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, from information he got directly from the team.

Now, if you'll recall, during the 2012 NFL Draft, the Vikings acquired two 2013 selections. . .a fourth-rounder from the Detroit Lions, which is reflected above, and a sixth-rounder from the Tennessee Titans, which is not. However, they've apparently acquired an extra seventh-round selection since we last heard anything about it.

So, it appears that the trade that the Vikings made with the Arizona Cardinals involved the Cards sending A.J. Jefferson and Arizona's seventh-round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft to Minnesota in exchange for both of the Vikings' sixth-round selections. I'm guessing it took us this long to find anything out because something was based on performance or playing time or something that couldn't be determined until after the conclusion of the season.

If last year was any indication, we can expect plenty of wheeling and dealing from Rick Spielman at this year's selection meeting. However, as it stands at this moment, the Minnesota Vikings have eight picks in the 2013 NFL Draft.

(And vike0din had this in the FanPosts first. My bad for missing it the first time.)