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Tickets On Sale For 2013 London Game

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Scottish Viking had this in the FanPosts a couple of days ago, but it bears pointing out again.

Tickets for next year's contest at London's Wembley Stadium between the Minnesota Vikings and the Pittsburgh Steelers have officially gone on sale, through TicketMaster in the United Kingdom. The lowest-priced tickets are priced at 35 British Pounds, which comes out to about $56 US with the current exchange rates. (It appears you can get child tickets for kids 16 and under, too, but they have to be purchased with an adult ticket.) The top-end tickets are 149 British Pounds, or about $240 US. The page for the event points out which tickets are located where and things like that.

Tickets are available on our very own page for Minnesota Vikings tickets as well.

So, if folks are planning on heading over to the United Kingdom for this football game, or for the following of folks that already live there, feel free to talk about it here. If everything works out, yours truly will be there. As the time approaches, we'll have to see if there's a place that folks can get together and hang out the night before the game or something. As I said, as it stands now I plan on being there. . .if something happens that I wind up not being able to make it, I'm sure that folks can work something out among themselves.

But, if you were planning on attending the game in London on September 29, you can take the first step by getting your hands on your tickets.