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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Electronic Pull Tab Revenue Behind Projections

If you'll remember back to the stadium debates from this past spring. . .and if you've attempted to block that time from your memory banks, we understand. . .a big portion of the state's funding for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium was to be based on electronic pull tabs at bars and various establishments around Minnesota.

According to a report from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, revenue from those pull tabs is. . .well, slightly behind.

About 120 restaurants and bars now offer the video pulltab devices, a far cry from the 2,500 projected to be up and running by July. And gross sales through December were $4.2 million, far behind the $17.2 million projected to be raised by the end of July.

There are a lot of hurdles that have not yet been overcome that are discussed in the article. . .up front cost to the various establishments as well as a drawn-out process for manufacturers to be approved among them.

The good news is that. . .well, there's still going to be a new Minnesota Vikings' stadium breaking ground this fall, and ready for play by the 2016 regular season opener. In the meantime, hopefully these issues will be ironed out and the money will start flowing in the way it was expected to when the bill was passed.