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Suspicious Package Sent To Winter Park


If I may quote noted American philosopher Jay Leno for a moment. . .did you see this? Did you hear about this?

The Shakopee Patch. . .which I always thought was where they grow the Shakopees, but I guess it's not. . .is reporting that there were some foul doings afoot a couple of weeks ago at the Minnesota Vikings' headquarters.

Police are investigating a suspicious package that was sent to the Minnesota Vikings Winter Park training facility earlier this month, an Eden Prairie spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Eden Prairie Police and Fire Departments went to the facility at 10:58 a.m. Jan. 8 to investigate the parcel, Katie Beal said via e-mail. Since it contained an unknown substance, a chemical assessment team was called to help with the investigation.

Preliminary tests determined the material was not hazardous, although final test results are still pending.

Hope to heck it wasn't addressed to Jerome Simpson.

(And, yes, the Jerome Simpson picture was used for the sole purpose of setting up that line. Who else's picture would I use there?)

It's strange that this only came out a day or two ago when these events apparently took place on January 8. As the article from the Patch notes, the Vikings, as well as the Eden Prairie Police and Fire Departments, are staying relatively silent on this matter.

Hopefully some more information about this will be forthcoming. Kudos to the Shakopee Patch for getting their hands on this one first.