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Your Monday Open Thread


Since we had open threads for actual football games that were taking place on Saturday (the Senior Bowl) and Sunday (the Pro Bowl), we didn't have additional open threads on those days. But since it's a new day and there's no game happening today. . .to my knowledge, anyhow. . .it's time for your Monday open thread.

Same rules apply. No religion. No politics. Keep the language relatively clean.

Outside of that, feel free to talk about whatever you'd like, whether it's yesterday's Pro Bowl, the upcoming Super Bowl, or even the results of last night's Royal Rumble. (The Rock! John Cena! Once in a lifetime. . .again!)

The beer light is on, and the bar is open for Monday, ladies and gentlemen. Your entertainment today is one of my personal favorite scenes in all of cinema.


Enjoy your Monday, ladies and gentlemen. And if anything major should happen to come across the wire, we'll have it here for you. There will also be plenty of Super Bowl stuff throughout the week for your reading pleasure.