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So Much For That: Donald Driver To Retire

The ridiculous "Donald Driver to the Vikings" speculation. . .such as it was. . .has officially come to an end.


Well, after the ridiculous speculation from the Green Bay media that the Minnesota Vikings were interested in wide receiver Donald Driver, our friends at Acme Packing Company have placed something on the Twitter that makes a whole lot more sense.

So, that pretty much puts an end to that nonsense, hey?

Again, I'm quite sure that the Vikings were never really interested in bringing Driver in. I'm sure the people that put it forward were looking for stuff to write about this off-season, much like we are, and said to themselves, "HEY, LET'S TRY A STORY ABOUT ANOTHER PACKER GOING TO THE VIKINGS HYUCK HYUCK HYUCK!!"

Greg Jennings is one thing, considering that the guy has all but openly campaigned for a spot with the Vikings (between wishing Adrian Peterson luck in breaking Eric Dickerson's record and wishing that the playoff game between the Packers and Vikings could be played indoors). But that's another discussion for another time. Donald Driver was never coming to Minnesota in the first place, and now he's officially not coming to Minnesota.