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Debating That Which Is Not Debatable


So, in what I believe is the final installment of our "No Debate" series of posts from the good folks at Gillette, they ask the following question:

Which player has performed against all the odds this season?

Hmmmmmm. . .let me think here. Player putting up a great performance in 2012. . .facing a lot of adversity. . .

Well, there certainly isn't anyone that jumps into my mind right away. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

scans the crowd

Would you look at that? It's the world-renowned surgeon, Doctor James Andrews! What do you have to say on the matter, doctor?

(Adrian Peterson) has defied all odds.

Oh, you don't say?

Sorry. . .I'm interrupting. Please, continue.

Somebody asked me about him a bunch of different times with all he's been able to accomplish. My pat answer is, "If you operate on the right athlete, it makes you look pretty darn good as a physician." Adrian was that genetic athlete who could do what he's done. There are a few I've treated. One of them was Bo Jackson. Bo was a natural athlete. He didn't have to lift weights growing up. Adrian Peterson is like that. I was a nervous wreck watching him play game after game this season. I was on the Washington Redskins' sideline when the Vikings played them, and every time he'd get tackled I'd shudder. He'd get up and be OK. He kept on ticking and ticking. He's amazing, absolutely amazing. He had a really good therapist working with him in Houston during the offseason, Russ Paine, and the trainer with the Minnesota Vikings (Eric Sugarman) managed him perfectly. I sent Sugarman a text saying he should be very proud.

Yes, there is no debate about Adrian Peterson's comeback from the knee injury he suffered a year ago. So, rather than debate which player is performing against the odds this season, let's go a different route:

Which of Adrian Peterson's logic-defying performances during this 2012 season has been your favorite?

I think I have an idea of which performance is going to win out here. . .but have at it anyway, folks!