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Where We Fire You Up Before Kickoff

I invoke another famous Minnesotan, and no, I'm not talking about Garrison Keillor.

Herb Brooks
Herb Brooks

"Great moments... are born from great opportunity. And that's what you have here, tonight, boys. That's what you've earned here tonight. One game.

If we played 'em ten times, they might win nine. But not this game. Not tonight. Tonight, we run with them. Tonight, we STAY with them. And we shut them down because WE CAN!

Tonight, WE are the greatest football team in the world. You were born to be football players. Every one of you. And you were meant to be here tonight.

This is YOUR TIME. Their time is DONE. It's OVER. I'm sick and tired of hearing about what a great football team the Packers have. Screw 'em.

This is your time. Now go out there and take it."

The Vikings aren't an underdog on par with the US against the Soviets in 1980, but no one is giving them a chance.

But you know what?

To hell with the Green Bay Packers. We've paid our dues. We're not just happy to be here.

This is OUR time. SKOL!