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Where We Recognize Some Of Our Members

A while back, we had a thing for the comments section of our Game Threads that would allow us to compile how many comments each person contributed to the threads, but after the launch of SB Nation United the tool ceased to work, much to the chagrin of a lot of folks.

Well, with the beginning of a new year, the good folks at the mothership have compiled a tally of not just who had the most comments on this site over the course of the past year, but also who posted the most FanPosts and the most FanShots on the site as well. Here are the top ten Daily Norseman members in all three of those categories.

Top FanPosters, 2012

Member FanPosts
CCNorseman 84
UnBannedVikingholic 36
CrabbyMC 28
Victor-E 28
Tor 66 25
B Animal 24
CitrusFLViking 24
NMVike 23
BleedPurple60 20
Admiral BigGun 20

Top Ten FanShotters, 2012

Member FanShots
Christopher Gates 47
CCNorseman 39
Eric J. Thompson 31
Ted Glover 30
NMVike 19
Purpledork 18
hennen99 14
izziefans 13
palewook 8
borderrivals 8

Top Ten Commenters, 2012

Member Comments
amiller92 5,753
abba7 4,585
Arif Hasan 4,374
UnBannedVikingholic 4,243
Grime 3,725
Jimbobb 3,484
Purpledork 3,367
MarkSP18 3,036
vking1 2,656
statue_left 2,649

Congratulations to everyone that shows up on the lists above, and to the other members of The Daily Norseman for making this site what it is.