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Norse Code Podcast #013 (Part One): Josh Freeman, Free Joshman

In this most recent episode of the Norse Code Podcast, we talk Josh Freeman for as much as we can handle, for a "special" two-hour episode. We also do a long around-the-league recap

We don't have a guest this week in either episode, but we hope you'll enjoy it anyway.

Episode Notes:

  • McLeod Bethel-Thompson was waived, and picked up by the San Francisco 49ers
  • I've linked to a number of articles on Josh Freeman several times. Aside from my treatment of the topic here at the Daily Norseman. Here's the first SI article on him, and the second SI article. This is what Pete Prisco said. And Stephen White, a former defensive end for the Buccaneers, said this.
  • I wrote a different article on how the Vikings can best use him this year.
  • I mentioned Josh Freeman's work ethic. The impact that work ethic has on playing ability has a lot to do with the "leadership style" of that quarterback. Brett Favre, for example, was not well known for his intense preparation. It's all very well detailed here, by Matt Waldman. It's a Johnny Manziel scouting report, but the theory is heavy, starting at "Organizations Must Account For Leadership Style"
  • Ourlads had a radar gun to test QB velocity at the combine. Here are the results.
  • Ron Prince, Josh Freeman's coach at Kansas State, worked with Bill Musgrave at Virginia, although his offense was different than Musgrave's is now. He was an incredibly aggressive and liked to be "bold" including a number of halfback passes. In what is full circle, Ron Prince is now at Rutgers.
  • When we talked about ADHD, I mentioned I was in debate, which is a strenuous activity. It is hard to underscore how strenuous it is to be in an actual collegiate debate round, so you should just take a look at this video, which I've shared before. You don't have more than a few minutes between speeches and sometimes no time at all, without knowing what your opponent will say (or on what topic, often)
  • James said that Schaub's 6/15 number was "Christian Ponder"—perhaps it would have been wiser to say it was "first half Matt Cassel numbers" given that that's what he threw against Pittsburgh in the first half.
  • Jersey burning in Houston! Also, people stalking Matt Schaub. Or not. Or actually, yes it turns out they are.
  • I was told that it would be perfect for the Vikings to grab Matt Schaub and Matt Flynn, in which case, the Vikings would be the DoorMatt's Three.
  • This is Josh Freeman when he finally gets to look at the Bill Musgrave playbook:


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