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Norse Code Podcast: #013 (Part Two): Panthers Preview, Too Many Prognostications

In an update to our podcast, we preview the Panthers game and make a number of prognostication sure to fill Dusty's book up.

Sorry for the late posting on this, but I was getting too caught up in the Adrian Peterson news.

For a change of pace, we talk about the Panthers game and what to expect

Episode Notes:

  • The list of consecutive games with a touchdown is surprisingly short before hitting the cutoff point.
    • Drew Brees has the record, with 54
    • Tom Brady is in second with 52
    • Johnny Unitas had 47
    • Brett Favre had 36
    • Dan Marino had 30
    • The active leader is Peyton Manning, with 28
  • Steve Smith has fewer snaps than Brandon LaFell, like mentioned in the podcast. When I talked to Cat Scratch Reader's James Dator, he said it was because of two things 1) A hip injury in a previous game in the third quarter and 2) being taken off the field on third and short for a tight end
  • Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy currently rank first and seventh in PFF's Pass Rusher Productivity, the best cumulative rating of any 4-3 defensive ends. Last year, they were 2nd and 5th.
  • Luke Kuechly ranks as PFF's 4th best linebacker, specializing in run support, where he ranks second in run stop percentage.
  • Interesting note on the QB predictions; it looks like Dusty was way wrong and James was way right.
  • The Vikings have been 0-3 coming off of bye weeks these past few years, so I don't know if the argument for Minnesota is as strong as the panelists say. Those games were against the Chicago Bears, the Green Bay Packers and the New York Jets
  • The Vikings' offensive efficiency ranks 23rd in my system and their defense ranks 22nd. Carolina ranks 11th and 5th. In Football Outsiders' metrics, Minnesota is 15th and 19th while Carolina is 16th and 7th.  My favorite tend to be from AdvancedNFLStats, which rank the Vikings offense 14th and their defense 26th. Carolina is 18th and 12th. Carolina beats the Vikings in offensive fumble rate, has an identical penalty rate and has the best defensive interception rate. They have a very slight advantage in offensive interception rate.
  • It seems that a unanimous bit somewhat slight edge is being given to the Panthers. Perhaps one that can be obviated by home field advantage. The betting markets have given Minnesota a slight edge, likely because of that (converting the moneyline odds makes the advantage just slightly less than homefield advantage, before adjusting the vig)