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Frazier Confirms Matt Cassel Will Start; Peterson Will Play

The head coach confirms the worst kept secret in the NFL. But what is Josh Freeman's status? Also, Adrian Peterson confirms that he will play Sunday

Your new starter...for at least another week.
Your new starter...for at least another week.
Hannah Foslien

During Friday's press conference with media, Leslie Frazier confirmed what everyone already seemingly knew, that Matt Cassel will be the starter Sunday for the Vikings.  They play the Carolina Panthers at Mall of America Field at noon.

During the presser, Frazier actually said he came to the decision 'a couple of days ago', and Ponder will be the backup.  Frazier also said that they don't anticipate newly acquired Josh Freeman to be ready based on where he is with the offense, and it sounds like that he might not even be active.  Now, that last part is purely speculation on my part, but the way Frazier sounded, it wouldn't surprise me to see him in street clothes Sunday.

Frazier was asked if Freeman might be ready for the Giants game, and as usual, Frazier was somewhat evasive.  I would be surprised, personally, if Freeman doesn't have enough of the offense down to be able to give it a go.  The Vikings want to get him on the field as fast as possible...unless, of course, rumors are true that Frazier didn't want which case, Winter Park could turn into a full blown soap opera.  Stay tuned.

Also, we told you earlier about the personal tragedy that Adrian Peterson is dealing with, and our thoughts and prayers go out to him, his son, and his family.  Peterson spoke briefly with the media today as well, and he has said that he 'will definitely play Sunday'.