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Adrian Peterson's Son Passes Away

Jamie McDonald

Some incredibly tragic news coming from Sioux Falls, South Dakota this afternoon.

Chip Scoggins has just passed along the news, via Twitter, that Adrian Peterson's son has passed away in a Sioux Falls hospital. The child was just two years old.

The child was taken to a Sioux Falls hospital on Wednesday with injuries that were deemed "consistent with abuse." A "man". . .and I use that term very, very loosely. . .named Joseph Robert Patterson was charged today in court with aggravated battery on an infant and aggravated assault in connection with the case. Those charges will be upgraded to murder charges in the very near future.

The state is withholding the name of the child by the family's request. The Sioux Falls-based Argus Leader confirmed earlier in the day that the child was not Adrian Peterson, Jr., who has been seen at the Vikings' facility with his father, notably this past year during Training Camp.

Peterson has vowed to play on Sunday, although everybody would understand if he didn't. It's not ours to judge one way or the other. . .Peterson will deal with this in the way that he feels best.

Our hearts, our thoughts, and our prayers go out to the family of Adrian Peterson during this awful time.