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Carolina Panthers At Minnesota Vikings: Fourth Quarter Open Thread

Hannah Foslien

The Carolina Panthers got the ball first to start the third quarter, and it took them just one minute and change to add to their lead, as Cam Netwon connected with Brandon LaFell for his third touchdown pass of the day. It was a 79-yard pitch-and-catch, and if you have to ask who was in coverage on the play, you haven't been watching the Minnesota Vikings this season.

(But seriously, it was Josh Robinson.)

The Vikings answered with a three-and-out, as they've done for most of the day, and Carolina powered the ball down the field again. On the drive, the Vikings lost safety Harrison Smith to a foot injury. On a third-and-goal play, Newton dropped back for a pass, got away from the pressure, and walked in for a 6-yard score to make it a 28-3 football game.

Smith got carted to the locker room because really, at this point, why the hell not?

The Vikings actually managed to drive into Carolina territory on the next drive, starting with a 31-yard run by Adrian Peterson, but wound up turning the ball over on downs.

Really, there's not a whole lot else to say at this point. This team is getting absolutely destroyed on both sides of the ball in every possible way. Absolutely inexcusable coming off of a bye week.

Fifteen minutes away from 1-4, ladies and gentlemen. Hang out here and discuss how this is somehow Christian Ponder's fault or something.