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Panthers At Vikings Final Score: Carolina Dominates Minnesota, 35-10

What do these two guys have in common? Either of them are a better option at quarterback than Matt Cassel.
What do these two guys have in common? Either of them are a better option at quarterback than Matt Cassel.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

Much like our favorite football team did today, I'm pretty much going to mail this one in, I think. We'll have a more detailed recap later and Ted will be along with the Stock Market Report at some point here, but here are just a couple of quick thoughts on the debacle we saw at the Metrodome.

I have no idea how a team coming off of a bye week, and with all the emotion that this week contained, can come out as completely flat and lifeless as the Minnesota Vikings did today. They just got throttled on both sides of the ball, with the Carolina Panthers dominating in time of possession for the afternoon, and just looked overmatched everywhere.

Matt Cassel is terrible. Whine about Christian Ponder all you want, but this team didn't have a 10-point performance under his watch. Sometimes, a quarterback change can have a ripple effect on the team. . .assuming that you're not changing to Matt Cassel. Ah, well, the Josh Freeman era starts next week, it appears.

Josh Robinson is the worst defensive back to wear purple and gold since the days of Wasswa Serwanga and Robert Tate. Seriously, rather than a #21, his jersey should just have a giant bulls-eye on it.

After everything that Adrian Peterson went through this week, his teammates ought to be outright ashamed of their performance this afternoon. How do you give that kind of effort in any game, never mind one that followed the kind of circumstances that your star player had to face over the past few days? Absolutely pathetic job by the players, the coaches, and everyone else involved in this disaster. Peterson's decision to play didn't have a negative effect on the team's performance, but it sure as hell didn't have a positive effect, either.

That's all I've got for now. Like I said, we'll have more later on.