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Norse Code Podcast #014 (Part One): Carolina Review, Giants Preview

We talk with Coach Esser about the upcoming Giants game and what the Vikings can do, along with how the Vikings performed in the Carolina game. He also tells us a lot more about playcalling strategy and overall strategy.

We're putting out this episode of Norse Code a little bit late today; hopefully it'll help you finish up your workday before you head out the door. As always, the Vikings ruin the premise of the podcast by making an impact decision well after we record. Enjoy!

Episode Notes

  • Our excellent guest is Dennis Esser, of as well as the Giants SBNation site Big Blue View. He has his own fantasy podcast at his site, called Trick Plays Fantasy Podcast. Subscribe!
  • If you wanted to know about compartment syndrome and how dangerous it can really be, take a look at how it nearly killed Jason Taylor. As you might know, the worry for Christian Ponder before last year's playoff game against Green Bay was that he would develop compartment syndrome and needed it to be treated. The Wikipedia article on it is pretty good.
  • Tell us who would you take from the Jaguars and trade with an equivalent player on the Vikings!
  • We talk about playing man coverage against a bunch formation look. Matt Bowen broke it down.

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