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Uffsides Previews Vikings At Giants

The folks over at the SB Nation mothership have taken a moment this week to preview the upcoming contest on Monday Night Football between your Minnesota Vikings and the New York Football Giants.

Matt Ufford, the host of Uffsides, has declared this game to be the "Tire Fire of the Week," which I guess is something. I don't know if tire fires are more of an East Coast thing or what. In the Midwest, I believe that the majority of our fires of this nature are dumpster-based. I don't know. . .yadda yadda environment blah blah think of the children and so forth.

The staff that put this together is actually somewhat divided as to what the outcome of this Monday's game will be, with one of the staffers even declaring that it's going to be a tie. How do they think it's going to go down? Well, you're just going to have to watch the video and see for yourself, folks!