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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, 10/2

Jamie McDonald

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! We're halfway through the bye week, and there hasn't been a whole lot of excitement surrounding the Minnesota Vikings during their time off thus far. That can only be a good thing, I think.

Since the last time we brought you an Open Thread. . .

-Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson is still the NFL's best at his position.

-A very special little girl celebrated a very special birthday. (Yeah, I highlighted this one yesterday, too. It deserves more than one promotion.)

-Arif has put together a group of alternative power rankings.

-Head coach Leslie Frazier has not decided between Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel. Well, not publicly anyway.

From some other outposts around the internet. . .

-Offensive lineman DeMarcus Love finished his four-game suspension for violating the drug policy. . .and was subsequently released.

-Is safety Harrison Smith going to be finding a FedEx envelope in his locker thanks to one of his hits in Sunday's game?

-Former Vikings' punter Chris Kluwe might have found the one sure-fire way to avoid kicking to Devin Hester. . .become his teammate.

The rules of the Open Thread are the same as they've ever been, ladies and gentlemen. . .no politics, no religion, no feeding of the trolls, and keep the bad language to a minimum/use the spoiler tags if you feel that you absolutely must curse.

Let's continue on with our week of Kiss songs with something a little more mellow. . .and, frankly, probably my favorite song from the face-painted ones.

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for this Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen! We'll have more for you as the day moves along. . .until then, enjoy your hump day!