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Norse Code Podcast #012: 2014 Draft Preview, Buccaneers Oddities

We decided to switch things up a bit this bye week; instead of talking about the Steelers game to kick off this week's episodes, we'll touch on something everyone loves in October: the NFL Draft!

Another episode of Norse Code is out, and it's out a day early! We kick it off by inviting a guest, Justis Mosqueda, to talk about the 2014 NFL draft, and who might be good enough to target among all of the draft-eligible prospects, especially at the quarterback position.

Justis Mosqueda is a contributer to the Sporting News, Optimum Scouting and runs his own draft-centric blog, JustisFootball. He is also a Packers fan, but we let that go.

We also end up talking about the situation in Tampa Bay, although we never get around to the question of whether or not Josh Freeman would look good in purple.

Episode Notes:

Belichick's high regard for Schiano is curious given what was possibly the coach's most divisive moment at Rutgers, an incident that was related several years ago by author and Washington Post columnist John Feinstein. According to Feinstein, Schiano, during his first visit to Navy with the Scarlet Knights, ignored a pregame itinerary that called for both teams to clear the field a few minutes early so that the Brigade of Midshipmen could perform their customary march. Schiano, Feinstein wrote, defiantly kept his team on the field as the Midshipmen appeared, and later falsely claimed not to have been aware of the tradition. Belichick's father, Steve, was a longtime assistant coach and scout at the Naval Academy.
  • Even Gregg Easterbrook got in on the act when Schiano bull-rushed the Giants (and it was the Giants), this is what he had to say about the successfulness of the play:

Schiano claimed to have created turnovers during kneel-downs at Rutgers, but your columnist has been unable to find any evidence of this. An NFL Network report said hard hits on kneel-downs created turnovers for Rutgers against Pitt and West Virginia in 2009. Here is the Pitt ending and here is the West Virginia ending. No kneel-down turnovers.

  • Spotrac had something to say about Josh Freeman benefitting from a release, relating to our conspiracy:
The Buccaneers/Josh Freeman situation is worsening by the hour. Rookie Mike Glennon had a below average first start, but in terms of value should even out by year's end. As a vested veteran, Freeman's 2013 salary ($6.446M remaining) is fully guaranteed, regardless of a trade or a release. It should be noted that the string of awkward news leaks regarding drugs, missed meetings, etc...actually favor Freeman and his camp at this point, who appear to be pushing hard for a straight release from the team. This provides him with the $6.4M from the Buccaneers, and the opportunity to sign a new deal with the team of his choosing (barring any offer).
  • But if you really want updates on the Bucs' situation, be sure to visit their SBNation site, BucsNation.
  • And here's Jay Feely outlining how the Buccaneers players really feel about the approach:

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