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Minnesota Vikings At New York Giants: Fourth Quarter Open Thread

Al Bello

The Minnesota Vikings appeared to have put together yet another three-and-out to start the second half of play at MetLife Stadium against the New York Giants, but then they caught a break. Jeff Locke got another nice punt away, and Larry Dean managed to punch the ball away from Rueben Randle on the return. Long snapper Cullen Loeffler managed to jump on it just before it would have gone out of bounds, and the Vikings were in business at the Giants' 33-yard line.

Unfortunately, that was almost immediately followed by a monumentally stupid throw by Josh Freeman, who threw one off his back foot while being taken down, and it wound up in the hands of Antrel Rolle for Freeman's first interception as a Viking. The defense managed to force yet another three-and-out and got the ball back once again.

After another Minnesota three-and-out. . .I should really just turn that into a macro of some sort. . .they stopped the Giants again, with a pass that Marcus Sherels should have intercepted and taken back to the end zone bringing up fourth down. On the punt, Sherels fell down and fumbled the ball away, and it was recovered by the Giants inside the Minnesota 5-yard line. It took the Giants just two plays to take advantage, as the newly-acquired Peyton Hills smashed into the end zone from two yards out to extend the New York lead to 17-7.

Cordarrelle Patterson gave the Vikings a nice spark with a 69-yard return on the ensuing kickoff to give Minnesota the ball at the Giants' 40-yard line. The Vikings appeared to have a shot at a touchdown on their first play, but Freeman's pass went off of Jerome Simpson and to the turf. It was a really, really beautiful throw by Freeman, to his credit, but the defensive back made a great recovery to knock it away. The Vikings made a little bit of headway, but a sack of Freeman on third down forced them to punt it away again. It might have been a field goal try if Blair Walsh was healthy, but after missing one from 53 earlier, the Vikings apparently didn't want to try again.

Following that, the Giants have once again put together another lengthy drive, and currently find themselves with 1st-and-10 from the Minnesota 23-yard line.

The Vikings are fifteen minutes away from giving the Giants their first victory of 2013. Can they do something to change the course? Probably not. . .but let's watch anyway!