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Vikings Stock Market Report: Giants

Words can't express. So we'll use GIFS

Probably three feet over the receiver's head. Minimum.
Probably three feet over the receiver's head. Minimum.
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

I can't put into words how terrible that game was, how bad it was to watch, and how embarrassed I am as a Vikings fan.

They have become a national joke, and the laughingstock of the NFL.  Here's your SMR, in GIFS:

So here's what my Dad and I thought going in to the game:


The Giants opened the game by going 18 plays and chewing up 10 minutes of the first quarter:


Then Bill Musgrave started calling plays, like only Bill Musgrave can:


As the game wore on, we were like:


When Marcus Sherels scored on his punt return, we were like:


But then we realized that the Vikings were a train wreck, and probably will be for a few years:


In the fourth quarter, we just did this:


Seriously, this was an embarrassment.  Sell everything.  Bill Musgrave called 53 pass plays with a quarterback that's been in Minnesota less than two weeks. With the best running back in football.

They scored zero offensive touchdowns against a defense that was worse than the Vikings were entering this game, giving up 35 points a game.

I've been to low points in my Vikings fandom, but this...this was different.  The Vikings are a national embarrassment, a joke of a team, and no discernible plan to fix it moving forward.  I mean, if Josh Freeman is the answer to fix this, it's going to be a hot mess for a long time.

What's that, give Freeman a chance? This coming from you Ponder haters that wanted to bench Ponder after every incomplete pass the last three years?

This season not only sucks, it;s now wrapped in a blanket full of irony.

Sorry kids.  That's all I have.  There is nothing...NOTHING...redeeming about this football team right now, from how the players execute, to how it's coached, or how it's run.

Maybe I'll come back in a day or two with a more complete SMR.  But this is where we are, and we're not climbing out of this hole quickly.  And I'm pissed.  I'm pissed my father will die before the Vikings could give him one...just one...season of pure, unadulterated joy.  I'm pissed that this franchise is going backwards, not forwards, and it feels like they're picking up speed on the way down, as opposed to putting on the brakes.

Sell everything, trade what they can, and blow the whole goddamn thing up (H/T Eric Thompson):