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Josh Freeman Has A Concussion, Ponder Will Probably Start Against Green Bay

I literally laughed out loud when I heard this a few minutes ago.

You play.  No, YOU play.
You play. No, YOU play.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

//Cues Benny Hill music

Just when you thought the Vikings quarterback situation couldn't be anymore TMZ-ish, it was just announced a few minutes ago by Head Coach Leslie Frazier that Josh Freeman suffered a concussion during the Monday Night 'Meh' against the Giants...and Christian Ponder will probably be named the starter for the Sunday night game against Green Bay.


I don't meant to downplay head injuries, and if Freeman did, in fact, get injured, we wish him well and a speedy recovery. But does anyone really believe Freeman was hurt? I don't.

I don't have any sources inside the locker room, but you have to wonder if this 'injury' to Freeman didn't magically appear due to an impending locker room revolt. I looked through that game later, and I don't recall anything that looked like a hit big enough to concuss him. But, you know, I got a migraine watching that game again, so a stealth head injury is a definite possibility.

So, we're back to Ponder. If you're keeping score at home, the Vikings have gone from Ponder, to Matt Cassel, to Josh Freeman, and now back to Ponder.

I'm to the point of laughing. Let's just sign Tebow and turn this into a three ring circus, because at this point, it would just be fun to watch the world burn, wouldn't it?