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Norse Code Podcast: #015—League Recap, Number of the Week, Wild Prognostications

We've had some hellacious problems putting together this week's podcast, so we truncated it to what we could save.

Technical difficulties derailed the Norse Code staff, who did their level best to rescue what they could from corrupted files but could not save (or process) the whole file.

Naturally, I watched it happened and complained at the appropriate times when the technical wizards were wizarding.

As a result, we have an aborted condensed show of only one part, where we had to nix the game preview and review, but included the league recaps and some of the regular features you've come to expect from our haphazard production.


Episode Notes:

  • In the beginning, I referenced the myth of Thor as he took on the mightiest of the giants: Hrungnir. Read about his drunken exploits here. I was wrong about the bone, incidentally. Looks like it was stone, and there are other indications that Hrungnir had a particular affinity with stone, having a stone three-pointed heart.
  • There are a couple of treatments by now on whether or not the Chiefs are "for real" as a potential national contender. Bomani Jones is no fan, largely because of Alex Smith. The folks at Arrowhead Pride obviously think their team is hot stuff. At the New York Times, Chase Stuart had a more balanced approach. Perhaps if they are not "really as good as their record," people can at least admit that they are very good and that alone is impressive after the year they've had. We have weird standards.
  • Dusty referenced Richard Sherman's comments on the NFL's best secondary—and more specifically having the best player at each position in the secondary.
  • He also referenced one of the quarterbacks I've become surprised to defend, Cam Newton. In this case, it looks like Steve Smith is predictably a believer, and this is the article Dusty referenced to that end.
  • We all hate Greg Schiano. So, evidently, does Stephen White, former defensive end for the Buccaneers. Here is his storify rant on the game against the Falcons, which I blatantly stole for my analysis of the game.
  • You know who else hates him? Former Buccaneers who played for him. At least two! Or so Mike Silver says in a recent post.

We promised another episode this week, but it looks like that's not happening.

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