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Eric Was Totally On TV, You Guys!

Everyone knows that it's nice to be recognized every once in a while, and one of our writers got another opportunity for just that today.

Our own Eric Thompson was selected by the folks at NBC to be one of the two Minnesota Vikings' "Super Fans" of the week for this week's contest against the Green Bay Packers. That means he's going to be spending this weekend hanging out with a few other fans, as well as the Sunday Night Football bus. They'll be going to various places around the Twin Cities area this week to promote this weekend's contest. Because, hey, if the NFL needs anything, it's promotion.

That means that Eric got to be up at zero dark thirty this morning to head over to KARE-11 in the Twin Cities and do a video spot about the Sunday Night Football folks being in town. AND HE EVEN PLUGGED THE SITE!!!1!!ONE!!ELEVEN!! So, for those of you that might have missed it this morning, here's the video for your viewing pleasure.

As a side note, Gopher fans may be familiar with the lady Packer fan that was selected for this week and is featured in the video. Her name is Nadine Babu, and she writes about the Minnesota Golden Gophers for both the Star-Tribune and for Despite her appalling taste in NFL teams, we like her anyway.

Make sure you follow Eric's Twitter account (conveniently located at @eric_j_thompson) for more on what he's got happening this weekend!