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We Know Who Isn't Starting At Quarterback

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

At the present time, we don't know who will be starting at quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings when they travel to Jerryworld this Sunday to take on the Dallas Cowboys. We do, however, know who is not starting.

At today's press conference, Leslie Frazier took the strange step of announcing that quarterback Matt Cassel would not be the team's starting quarterback this Sunday.

"I don't want to discount Matt [Cassel], but Christian [Ponder] did some good things in that ballgame. There were some things he could obviously do better, but that has something to do with it. He has led us to some wins in the past," Frazier said. "Josh [Freeman], we brought him here to evaluate him and determine whether he could be a guy that could be a potential player for us in the future."

"That's what goes into trying to evaluate the both of them."

I'd say that this is a bit of a baffling move, but at this point, with the way the quarterback situation has been handled, there's really nothing that should confuse people any longer. This is, as we say, a charlie foxtrot of the first degree, and will likely continue to be throughout the rest of the season. Frankly, I'm to the point where I don't think any of these three guys are the answer, but there's no way for this team to really start fresh until 2014. That means we're going to end up seeing more of the same for the rest of this season.