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Teammates Of The Week: Peterson and Gerhart

Hannah Foslien

If you've ever played any of the Call of Duty games, you know how important it is to have teammates that you can rely on. It's the same idea on the football field, as your teammates can pick you up when you're having your struggles.

Now, when your team looks the way the Minnesota Vikings did on Sunday night against the Green Bay Packers, there aren't a lot of spots you can highlight. But a couple of guys at what was thought to be one of the Vikings' position of strength in 2013 did pretty well for themselves, all things considered.

We know that Adrian Peterson is great, obviously. He's been great, he is great, and he'll continue to be great. The Vikings were struggling on offense in the first half, and got into a goal-to-go situation towards the end of the second quarter. Rather than try a pass play in that situation, the Vikings decided to give the ball to their workhorse, and he responded with as physical an 8-yard touchdown run as you'll ever see, bouncing off of several Green Bay defenders en route to the end zone to get the Vikings to within a touchdown going into the locker room.

Not to be outdone, the under-utilized Toby Gerhart only got one carry on the evening, but he made the most of it. He took a handoff at the Vikings' 13-yard line, and managed to flatten his own teammate (Greg Jennings) on his way to the end zone. It only brought the score to 41-24, but it was an impressive run by a guy that would have a much larger role on a lot of teams.

The running back duo accounted for two of the three Minnesota rushing touchdowns on the evening. (Quarterback Christian Ponder added the third late in the game.) On a night when not a lot was working offensively for the Vikings. . .largely because they really weren't on the field that much. . .at least the rushing tandem of Peterson and Gerhart provided a little something for Vikings fans to feel good about.