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Only The Best: Cordarrelle Flashes Serious Talent

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

Over the past couple of days, we have gushed a bit about the exploits of Cordarrelle Patterson, the rookie wide receiver from our Minnesota Vikings. While he hasn't been on the field nearly as much as any of us would like to see, it's quite clear that he's already made his mark at one particular spot. . .as a kick returner.

It may sound like hyperbole to state that a player that only has seven NFL games under his belt is already the best in the NFL at his position, but in the case of Patterson, it is not. Here's why.

-He's leading the NFL in kick return average at a whopping 39.1 yards a return.

-There have only been three kickoff return touchdowns in the NFL so far this season. . .Patterson has two of them, including tying the record for the longest play in NFL history with a 109-yard return against the Green Bay Packers to start Sunday night's contest at the Metrodome.

-His fifteen returns of 20 yards or more and his five returns of 40 yards or more are the best in the NFL in both of those categories as well.

Cordarrelle Patterson's time as a wide receiver is coming, and if what he's doing as a kick return is any indication, he's going to be a force in the National Football League for years to come. . .potentially at both spots. As it stands now, however, when it comes to returning kicks in the National Football League, there is nobody better right now than #84 in purple and gold.

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