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Jared Allen Trade: Allen Remains In Minnesota

Despite multiple trade rumors swirling, Allen ultimately ends up staying a member of the Vikings.

Michael Steele

After an afternoon of rumors and speculation reportedly involving three or more teams, the Minnesota Vikings failed to swing a deal for All Pro DE Jared Allen prior to today's NFL trade deadline of 3 PM CST. Speculation really started to heat up when the Vikings announced a roster move that involved cutting TE Chase Ford and adding DE Justin Trattou, and it seemed like the Vikings were preparing their roster for just such a move. But ultimately, the Vikings made no other moves.

Allen was part of a slew of big name free agent and trade acquistions under former coach Brad Childress, and the trade with Kansas City on Draft Day in 2008 was the biggest deal of them all. Allen, who had earned a reputation in KC as a troublemaker with multiple DUI's, was upset that the Chiefs wouldn't re-negotiate his contract, and demanded a trade. Kansas City obliged, sending Allen and a sixth round draft pick to Minnesota, with the Vikings sending the Chiefs the #17 overall pick in that year's draft, two third round picks, and a sixth round pick. The Vikings used the sixth round pick from Kansas City to draft John Sullivan, who replaced Matt Birk in 2009.

Initially, it was reported on Twitter via Adam Schefter that the Seattle Seahawks were the team that was the most interested, and were pushing hard to get a deal done. However, a short time after that, Fox Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer said that two teams were, in fact, talking trade with the Vikings, but Seattle was NOT one of those teams. About an hour or so before the deadline, and longtime league insider Gil Brandt reported that is was Denver who emerged as the team most likely to swing a deal. Some 30-45 minutes before the deadline, though, it was reported that Denver was not, in fact, in the running. And finally, some 10 minutes before the deadline, Jay Glazer tweeted that Allen trade talks 'were dead'. So the NFL trade deadline day comes and goes again, just like every other trade deadline does, with no major deals by anyone. The Patriots acquired Philadelphia DT Isaac Sopoaga, but that was it.

With no deal done, Allen will remain a Viking for the rest of the 2013 season. Considering his age, the state of the Vikings, and the fact that he is on the final year of his contract that he signed when he arrived here, Allen's career in Minnesota will most likely come to a close at the end of 2013. All that remains is determining what his final sack total will be, and how high a compensatory draft pick the Vikings will get once he leaves via free agency.