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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

A few hours ago or so, we informed you that Minnesota Vikings' wide receiver Jerome Simpson had told reporters that, despite Leslie Frazier trying to keep things under wraps, Christian Ponder would be getting the start at quarterback on Sunday when the team travels to take on the Dallas Cowboys.

Well, now we're hearing something different from another source, that being ESPN's Ed Werder.

Now, to be completely fair, the report that came from 1500 ESPN in the Twin Cities earlier (that we cited in our original post) was something that came directly from the mouth of a Vikings' player, while Werder appears to be speculating. However, I'm guessing that Werder has sources somewhere as well, and his tweet came after the story from 1500 ESPN (by about three hours), so maybe he knows something that we don't.

So, what appeared to be a cut-and-dried situation just a few hours ago is now. . .well, not. The starter on Sunday may, in fact, be Christian Ponder. It also might be Josh Freeman.

But, again, as we mentioned in the earlier post on the subject, when it comes to the Vikings' quarterback situation. . .